Servovalve quarter turn actuators are designed to operate ball, butterfly , plug or any other valve with 90° rotation, for on-off or modulating service.
Heavy duty design and special care on materials choice and accurate construction allow all Servovalve actuators to be suitable for installation in hostile and corrosive environmental.
Quarter turn actuators are available in both Rack-Pinion or Scotch Yoke execution as double or single acting design.
Rack-Pinion actuators are mainly adopted for small size valves or even for big size valves but for extremely critical service and for accurate modulating service, while Scotch Yoke execution is preferred for medium and big size valves, due to their capacity of exalting output torques at 0° and 90° valve position.
To perform the best possible output torque diagram relevant to the valve requested torque, Scotch Yoke is available in symmetric or canted execution.
Output torque range is from 30 Nm up to 500.000 Nm


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